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Consultation Services

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Private Consultations

You can have the body and health you desire. Partner with our certified clinical nutritionist and discover how the food we eat, and digestive health, impacts your energy, mood, weight, skin, and overall well-being.


Home Cooking

Take away the guess work. In this hands on experience, let Lauren teach you how to make her favorite recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen. You will be a pro in no time.


Grocery Outings

Get the scoop on food labels and marketing tactics that have you purchasing products that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. With our Nutritionist by your side, breeze the aisles of your grocer, and choose the options that will fit your lifestyle.


Guest Speaking

Whether you are a yoga or wellness studio, health club, or a fabulous “whole food” focused restaurant or shop, let Lauren bring new light and empowering seminars into your organization. Lauren will create educational events, designed to help your clients and patrons reach new levels of health and well-being.


Corporate Wellness

Take one for the team, and end up on top! Enhance your workplace morale, energy, productivity, and lower your health care expenses. Help your organization take wellness and awareness to new levels with educational and inspiring seminars designed to appeal to your business and goals.


Custom Menus

Whether with a straw, fork spoon, or knife, work with Lauren to create fresh, unique, and flavorful recipes that will entice your health conscious customers.

Consultation Packages


  • Initial Consult (80 minutes)
  • $185

  • Initial Consult (80 minutes)
  • 3 Phone Sessions (30 minutes)
  • $310

  • Initial Consult (80 minutes)
  • 3 Phone Sessions (30 minutes)
  • Personalized Grocery Shopping
  • $425

  • Initial Consult (80 minutes)
  • 6 Weekly Phone Sessions (30 minutes)
  • $450

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