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A common question I receive from clients and readers is regarding the time and money spent on juicing.

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While juicing is more time consuming than pouring a glass of pasteurized OJ from the fridge, and certainly more money upfront (compared to a soda, coffee, or tea), there are many ways to enjoy juicing without all of the mess and added expense. And trust me, the benefits of freshly pressed juiced are well worth it!

For starters, if you are a busy working professional, or mother, like the majority of my amazing clients, you will want to invest in an efficient juicer that is also easy to clean. I suggest the Breville Juicer. Although this is a centrifugal juicer, meaning that you will want to consume the finished juice product more readily to avoid losing those enzymes and nutrients, I would much rather my clients get fresh and unpasteurized juice, than not have the time to juice at all. The Breville Juicer produces a virtually pulp-free product without very little “know-how”, and it is also relatively simple to clean.

But won’t it lose it’s nutrients?!

Ideally, we want to consume this juice immediately, but if you are not ready to infuse your body with all of those nutrients just yet… please hold off until your body is ready. I juice in the morning pre, or post workout, and then pop those little guys into the freezer upon pouring them into my BPA free plastic container. When I am headed out the door, they come along for the ride.

If you are really in a pinch, you can make batches of juices (for about 3 days out), pouring them into their individual containers and freezing them overnight (put them in the freezer immediately). When I am in this sort of bind, I will make my juices on Sunday afternoon/evening for the next three days. Ideally, I like to defrost one juice the night prior in the fridge (for the following day). If I am lucky, I have access to a company specializing in cold-pressed juices. Due to the dual processing of the juice (and the extra time invested in making it), a cold-pressed juice will maintain their enzymes and nutrients for a more substantial period of time. Currently, in Dallas, that grocer for me is the Green Grocer on Greenville. Check them out.

As far as the price of juice goes, I have many tricks for creating budget friendly and nutrient dense juices.

Juice Components

Something sweet:


Carrots make for a great sweetener. You can generally get a “good price” on organic carrots when bought in bulk. Costco is a great place to look for organic deals. Whole Foods Market also sells 15 pounds of carrots for about <$1/pound.

Other common “sweeter” options are: beets, apples, and pears.

Don’t go crazy on the sweet juices though. (For a 16 oz Juice:  I recommend making 4-8 oz of carrot juice– leaning towards the “less is more” for those already accustomed to juicing. The remaining juice should consist of GREENS. For apples and pears, stay under 4-6 oz per 16 oz juice. This is about 1-1 1/2 apples.) If you are feeling backed up, organic beets are an excellent way to stimulate digestion. Try half and half, (half beet (2-4 oz), and half carrot (4 oz)) and making the remaining 8-12 oz green (hold the lemon).

Stick with one “sweet” per 16 ounce juice and keep the remaining 8-12 oz a blood stabilizing and purifying combination of the following:

Dark “Leafies”:


I always try to include 1-2 different types of dark green leafy vegetables into my juice. Spinach and Kale are great blood purifiers, and have bone strengthening minerals, like calcium and magnesium, and body building proteins, in the form of amino acids. The “Leafies” don’t produce much juice, but what they do produce is an extremely high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyl (think of this as energy from the Sun, and read about more about juicing greens here: “Sacred: The Art of Juicing“). Costco sells a pound of Organic spinach for under $4, and my Farmers Market allows me to snag beautiful and robust kale bunches for just $2. That’s a steal when you think of the nutrients it delivers to the body.

Also try:

  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Watercress
  • Mustard Greens (if you like it spicy)

Water Containing Veggies:


These greens give you a plethora of minerals, but also add a lot of volume to your juice!

  • Romaine
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers

One large cucumber, although approximately $2 when organic, can make about 6-8 oz of juice! Celery, cucumbers, and romaine are all extremely hydrating and help to regulate the body’s water levels. Say goodbye to bloat! Celery juice is an excellent source of electrolytes and a wonderful way to “de-bloat” if you feel that you are retaining water.


The whole organic lemon, rinsed well, can also cut the green taste from vegetable juices. If organic, and rinsed well, you can juice the whole thing. Lemons are excellent for aiding in detoxification of the liver. Despite their acidic taste, organic lemons are actually alkaline in the body. Hold the lemon when juicing carrots. I find it makes the juice taste like a “fruit loop”… in an unpleasant way.

Saving Money:

It used to be that I would only buy broccoli florets (because I truly dislike eating their stems), and I would discard the bottoms of my romaine, or the stems of my kale, post making kale salads… Now, I juice it all!

Not only do these little less attractive pieces have nutrients too, but they too contain digestive supporting enzymes and help add volume to your juice. More volume means more juice to drink! Wahoo!

Here are a few items that you can add to your juice (organic is always preferred):

  • Lemon rinds
  • Kale Stems
  • Broccoli stems
  • Cauliflower stems
  • Beet greens (rinsed thoroughly of dirt)
  • The bottom portion of a bunch of romaine, or greens of choice
  • Celery ends (rinsed well)
  • Pineapple cores

What you won’t see me juicing:


  • Organic berries are a pricey little number of their own, and do not yield a lot of juice. They are much more beneficial consumed whole, with their fiber intact.


  • Bananas belong in smoothies, not in juicers! They have very little water.

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