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acute or chronic inflammation of a joint, often accompanied by pain and structural changes and having diverse causes, as infection, crystal deposition, or injury (dictionary.com).

In other words, arthritis is a condition that results from inflammation of the joint.  It is painful.

Did you know that food can have an inflammatory affect on the body?  While everyone should strive to enjoy a healthy diet, and lifestyle (so as to not have to suffer from complications, like arthritis), there are a few otherwise “healthy” foods, that an arthritic person should NOT have.  Note: these foods are “healthy” foods to avoid.  An otherwise “healthy person” can enjoy the foods marked with an * on a regular basis.  Mainstream foods like cookies, pretzels, refined flour, fried food, etc.  WILL CAUSE INFLAMMATION in the body, regardless.


1.  Mango*

2.  Banana*

3.  Cranberries and Cranberry juice

The Nightshade Vegetables

1.  Eggplant*

2.  White potatoes

3.  Tomatoes*

4.  Peppers*

Other Common “health” foods to avoid

1.  FARMED Salmon

2.  Corn, and corn products

3.  Rice, and rice products

All of these foods will create an inflammatory reaction in the body, and will worsen pain caused by arthritis.  Of course, this is just a short list of “otherwise healthy foods,” to be avoided.  As mentioned earlier, foods like dairy, soy, processed and refined flour, and grains, sugars, red meat, mainstream “staple” items (like cookies, soda, chips, fried food, fast food, etc.), all should be reduced, and eliminated from every diet.  These foods will further aggravate arthritis and one’s overall health.  Read My Philosophy to learn what foods to avoid, and how combine foods for optimal digestion, reduced inflammation, and overall health.  When the body is digesting optimally, ailments, like inflammation, will not be a cause for distress.

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