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Have you ever had poison ivy? 

Ouch, right?

The side effect of poison ivy is an uncomfortable and itchy rash, that spreads like wild fire when scratched. Often becoming extremely inflamed and developing into little blisters, it is also quite– unattractive.

If you have suffered the consequences of poison ivy, you already know to be on the lookout for this clever plant. I do hope, however, that whatever suffering you endured, it was only from small patch on your leg– or some place less visible to the eye.

Now trying having it on your face, particularly all around your mouth and chin. Charming, eh? In fact, it looks a lot like acne. Lucky me, I had the pleasure of enduring this discomfort for a week.

What was I doing with poison ivy on my face you ask?

No– I did not do a face dive into a patch of ivy on some sort of adventurous hike.

Nor was I on a hike.

Nor did I decide to take a bite out of a patch out of mysterious greenery in someone’s backyard.

What I did do, however, was eat a mango. Not just eat– but delight in the juiciness of the sweet treat, and devour three mangos right from their skin and pit. How does this relate to my encounter with poison ivy?

Mangoes, as delicious as they may be, are unsurprisngly mildly inflammatory like most fruits. However, unbeknownst to many, unlike most fruits, where the skin and pit are hardly offensive, the skin and pit of a mango release a toxin in their sap– urushiol (Read more)

Urushiol is actually the same toxic compound found in the sap of poison ivy and poison oak. Found in much higher concentrations in the skin and pit, the tropical flesh of the mango is generally not so offensive. That being said, if one is very sensitive to poison ivy, or oak, it is wise to let a friend help to peel the juicy tropical flesh from its skin. Luckily, the juicy flesh of the tropical fruit is very low in urushiol, and most people will not suffer the repercussions of an “Overeager Mango Eater.” If you are like me however, an “Overeager Mango Eater,” and wish to feel invincible– consuming three mangoes right from the skin and pit, well then… have fun gambling with a skin reaction.

Have you ever had a noticeable skin reaction to mango, or any other food? 

Moving right along, I am happy to report that my skin has almost completely healed from my encounter. The “amusing” part has been, however, announcing GLOW at the same time as my mango incidence.

At GLOW, one my main areas of concentration is improving the skin’s complexion, radiance, and “glow.” A one time sufferer of skin “unpleasantries,” breakouts, and sensitivites, I am extraordinarily passionate about helping my clients clear their skin and reverse signs of premature aging, from the inside out. Beautiful skin is an automatic confidence booster, and I am confident that with certain lifestyle changes here and there, beautiful skin is something that everyone can enjoy. That being said, with an angry outbreak of what appeared to be acne on my face, it was humorous, and humbling trying to express this key area of focus during face-to-face conversations.

It also should serve as positive affirmation to those battling with skin imperfections and breakouts: Food allergies do translate to skin breakouts, and inflammation. Don’t doubt yourself, or your gut instinct. Regardless of whether a food contains urushiol, it can still act as a poison to your body when over-consumed, and in conjunction with inflammation inside the body. 

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